The fake iPhone 5

Recently I got my hands on a fake iPhone5. I saw some fake iphones before, so when I got this one, I was expecting another cheap knockoff. whoever I was surprised by this one, comparing with the real thing, most "normal" users wouldn't see the diference for some time. The following post shows some information and screens of the device.

Kaiy iPhone 5

The following picture show the details of the Case and Screen. The case is a great copy of the original iPhone5, however, the screen is not Retina (1136×640, 370dpi), It's 854x480, 240dpi. Look with attention and you can see the pixels. Another thing that jumps out, while having the system language in English, are the Chinese characters on the screen. The excuse that I eard for this, was the device was acquired in China and he had some problems with some apps, a system restore would resolve that... (Yeah right...). Apple is known to worry about details, if this would happen on a real device, that would be a serious flaw.

So, lets get in to some details, quick info from Device:

  • Processor: ARMv7 Processor rev 10 (v7l)
  • Memory: 483796 kB
  • Screen: 854x480, 240dpi
  • Android : 4.0.1

The following gallery shows various screens, Home, iTunes, Settings, Maps, Siri, Unlock, Clock, iCloud.

As you can see, once you start moving around in the Apps you see something is really wrong.

  • iTunes "for android" ?
  • iCloud -> add a Google or Corporate account?
  • Siri is an app on your Home Screen and in chinese?

Considering the quality of a fake iPhone4 I saw 1 year ago, this device is a big leap forward in terms of quality and responsiveness. However there is still a big gap until it can be a great fake. The issue I see with this fake is that it does fool people, I saw some users really believing this was a real iPhone5.

You can find the System dump, outputs from DDMS and dumpsys, and full resolution screens at the following share: .

This was the information that I was able to get on the short time I had with the device. Hope you guys liked it ;)