I want to be a developer

Recently i'm involved with lot of recruiting, so here is some advise for new-graduates / new-developers who want to follow the route of Software Development and improve their knowledge/skills.


If you are not using, you should. Follow people related to the technologies you want to use or are using. It's my main source of news regarding the latest technologies. The great thing about twitter is that you can just send out questions to other users directly.


Create a Github account and place your personal projects there, even if they are experiments with new technologies that you are learning. Put your projects there even if they are not finished, just code a project with a new technology to try it out.  This shows recruiters/companies:

  • What tech you are playing with; and
  • You like to learn and try new things;

Also, try to contribute to one or two Open Source projects.Even if it's just improving documentation, answering questions other users have. This can help you understand projects and the code a bit better.

Codeschool, tutorials, (...)

Have you done Codeschool or other tutorials? get the code on Git, and get that knowledge on the CV, e.g:

  • Beginner knowledge on NodeJS, AngularJS, Rails.

Even if it's basic, it shows that you already ventured, like to learn stuff, and have some knowledge that can be used.

Also, Check stackoverflow.com, one of the best places to ask questions, and find solutions.

Try out stuff :D

What to learn?

Technologies / Frameworks with high demand internationally?

  • Javascript
  • AngularJS
  • NodeJS (You see the trend?)
  • Ruby, Ruby on Rails,
  • Go-Lang,
  • MongoDB,
  • HTML5,
  • Mobile Development (HTML5/Native)

Hope that helps the next software engineers :)

Create a name

Use 1 and 2 to make a name in the community, use stackoverflow.com, go to conferences.

Is University enough?

No. Universities teach you the basis, how to think, how to learn by your self. You need to study outside of that environment, create your own play projects, try to clone something if you don't have an idea.


What next?

I'll follow up this blog post with resources that you can use to learn and deploy your projects :D