I want to be a developer

Recently i'm involved with lot of recruiting, so here is some advise for new-graduates / new-developers who want to follow the route of Software Development and improve their knowledge/skills. Twitter »

Improve the speed of the Android Emulator

One of the biggest complains I ear about developing for Android, it the Android Emulator. By default, the Android Development Toolkit (adt) creates a Android Emulator with a ARM processor »

The fake iPhone 5

Recently I got my hands on a fake iPhone5. I saw some fake iphones before, so when I got this one, I was expecting another cheap knockoff. whoever I was »

Codebits2012 : Vagrant - Team development made easy

My presentation at Codebits 2012 @ speakerdeck.com/igama »

When We Build

One of the best presentations I've seen so far. By Wilson Miner, he talks about what happens when we stop thinking of ourselves not just as developers or experience designers »

Veewee - Creating virtual machines made easy

Veewee is a tool to help create VirtualMachines (VMs) in a automated way, based on Templates. It's developed in Ruby and allows to create vagrant boxes, virtualbox, KVM and VMWare »

everything starts from seduction...

As far as I am aware nobody ever worried about the fate of an object. The object is not even intelligible: it is just an alienated and despised part of »

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On the web & Security

A collection of some interesting links: White-house goes open-source Drupal installation profile powering We The People at petitions.whitehouse.gov http://pineapple.io Pineapple is a massive community-driven resource aggregator »

Philippe Starck: Design and destiny

Thanks @hschot for showing me this video ;) »

TEDxSydney - Sam Simmons - Being Silly

Sam Simmons is one of the most daring and unconventional comics in Australia if not the world. Completely original and vastly absurd, he has one foot firmly planted into the »