Book Recommendation : The Phoenix Project

The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win A book for everyone in IT or works with IT, giving insights on »

Storage is not the deal-breaker

Last week we had Google Cloud Platform Live[3], in which Google presented some new services regarding their cloud offering, and droped some prices, again. Storage »

the essence of the 404

When requested page is not found by server, error message is returned; this is the essence of the 404 Ancient Chinese proverb »

I want to be a developer

Recently i'm involved with lot of recruiting, so here is some advise for new-graduates / new-developers who want to follow the route of Software Development and improve »

Improve the speed of the Android Emulator

One of the biggest complains I ear about developing for Android, it the Android Emulator. By default, the Android Development Toolkit (adt) creates a Android Emulator »

The fake iPhone 5

Recently I got my hands on a fake iPhone5. I saw some fake iphones before, so when I got this one, I was expecting another cheap »

Codebits2012 : Vagrant - Team development made easy

My presentation at Codebits 2012 @ »

When We Build

One of the best presentations I've seen so far. By Wilson Miner, he talks about what happens when we stop thinking of ourselves not just as »

Veewee - Creating virtual machines made easy

Veewee is a tool to help create VirtualMachines (VMs) in a automated way, based on Templates. It's developed in Ruby and allows to create vagrant boxes, »

everything starts from seduction...

As far as I am aware nobody ever worried about the fate of an object. The object is not even intelligible: it is just an alienated »

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